Youngman BoSS Tower Inspection TAGs

youngman-boss-tagsThe BoSS TAG Tower Inspection Recording System offers several key advantages over generic tags, particularly our focus on supplying updated information relevant to the BoSS system. The introduction of QR codes onto the BoSS TAG gives instant access to up-to-the-minute product and safety information at the point of use. Designed for BoSS access towers, the highly visible colour scheme quickly denotes whether a tower is safe and approved for use (green) or whether it should not be used (red). The user friendly layout includes clear information for the contractor and a generous 7 lines for recording the dates of statutory inspections. On the reverse side a helpful range of tick boxes indicate what corrective action is required. There is also space to provide details of remedial work and when it was undertaken. BoSS TAG provides a visible record of all inspections carried out,  a requirement of the Working at Height Regulations 2005 (amended),  and a high impact safety alert, on the product, advising the operative whether or not the tower is safe is use.

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The Working at Height Regulations (WAHR 2005) require adequate inspection of alloy towers and other access equipment. This inspection must be undertaken by a suitably competent and authorised person with a report to be completed before going off duty. By using the BoSS TAG you can fulfil that legal requirement to produce a report. The TAG also can be affixed to the tower which also means you are providing that report to the user. If the tower is incomplete or in some cases found to be in a dangerous condition then the red do not use reverse of the tag can be shown. If at any time the assembly of the tower is interrupted by site activities or simply a break a do not use sign must be shown as a minimum. Once again the TAG can meet these requirements by showing the red reverse side telling all persons do not use.
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