ladder-log-personalised-tagsLadder Log offer a quick and easy modification service that allows you to make changes to your tags to better suit your company’s requirements.

At it’s simplest this means adding your company logo and changing the colours to reflect your business image and to fit in with your existing signage and paperwork. Some tags have been designed with additional space for company specific information such as ‘Ladder Location’ or ‘Dept’. Again, these changes are simple and straightforward for Ladder Log to handle.

Having a Personalised Ladder Log Tag in our company’s colours and with our logo on every ladder we have, has proved an easy, visual, way to ensure that no one has brought their own, usually un-inspected, ladder onto site.

See Our Personalised Tag Examples

There are many reasons why personalised ladder tags make sense. A personalised tag:

  • Ensures that the Ladder Log system fits in with the way that you work
  • Can record extra information and do two jobs with one tag
  • Clearly differentiates your company’s ladders from everyone else’s
  • Ensures that people in your business can visually recognise your ladders and take action quickly if there are any issues
  • Helps reflect your business image and status
  • Sends a message about how seriously your company takes working at height issues

Our personalised tag customers have asked us to make many changes to better suit their working practices. For example, one client completely redesigned the rear of the tags to give even more space to inspection records. Their company practice was to immediately remove any ladder that failed an inspection to a quarantine space. Since they did not require the ‘Do Not Use’ warning on the rear of the tag they took the opportunity to effectively double up the number of inspections that their tags could complete before they needed replacing.

How much does a Personalised Tag cost?

Not as much as you would think. The pricing is entirely dependent on the number of tags that you want and the number of colours you want in the design of the tag. The easiest way to get started is to drop us an email with an idea of your requirements and a copy of your business logo. We can quickly work out the costs and give you a clear quote, usually with a ‘mock up’ of your actual tag, within a day. To get the process started just email us at

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