Fashion Retailer Takes Steps

A leading multi-branded fashion retailer, needed to find the most suitable steps for its retail stores as well as a simple and highly visible asset management system.

The solution… Individual store delivery of platform step ladders and mobile safety steps which were pre-fitted with Ladderstore’s ladder tagging system, Ladderlog.

I selected Ladder Log because it is easy to use, is clearly visible and seems the most appropriate asset management system for the retail environment.

 Sarah Winterburn, Facilities Manager

Finding a supplier of ladder and access equipment, capable of giving knowledgeable advice on a wide range of products and across many different manufacturers, is no easy task. Sara Winterburn, Facilities Manager needed to find a suitable supplier to resolve two different issues; first she needed someone easy to talk to about her company’s requirements and whose recommendations she could trust. Second, she needed the ladders to comply with Working at Height Regulations from the moment of delivery.

ladder-log-green-tagJacky at Ladderstore was appointed as the retailer’s dedicated Account Manager, she advised Sara on the most suitable ladders for the retail environment and together they agreed on the Blue Seal Steps. Blue Seal steps were recommended largely because of their deep tread and double hand-rails, both features that are important in store room situations when personnel are carrying stock and using them regularly.

But this was only half the solution. The Training Manager at the fashion retailer was reviewing the training offered to store staff at all levels in the business. Working closely with Sara, it was agreed they would launch a ladder tagging system at the same time as the new training initiative, as this would better gain the support of store managers.

Sara needed a simple system that would tie-in with the company’s own stores’ health and safety audits. More importantly it needed to provide the fashion retailer’s Head Office with the reassurance that any steps being delivered complied with the Working at Height Regulations with immediate effect. After researching the options Sara settled on Ladderlog;

I selected the Ladderlog system because it is easy to use, is clearly visible and seems the most appropriate asset management system for the retail environment. It is also extremely helpful that Ladderstore fits them to the steps prior to store delivery, not only does this mean we know they are ready to use on receipt, but it is also more cost efficient.

Pre-fitting Ladderlog had other benefits:

  • The fashion retailer did not need to order a tagging system from another source.
  • It did not have to rely on store staff to remember to fit it.
  • The ladder was ready for use on receipt, which avoided any delay in its availability for use.
  • Any risk to staff safety was immediately minimised.
  • Helps reflect your business image and status
  • It was a sensible cost efficient solution

using-ladders-at-workLadderstore prides itself on listening to its customers’ needs, offering a personal and professional service and building relationships founded on going that extra-mile. Its quality of service doesn’t stop once the order is taken, fulfilling the order is every bit as important. Getting everything right results in great testimonials from its customers; Sara comments:

We now order all of our ladder equipment from Ladderstore and it could not be easier. Our dedicated Account Manager sends us an acknowledgement same day on receipt of our order and the store usually receives the goods within 2 days. Tracking emails mean we know when the order has reached the stores so the process couldn’t be more convenient, Ladderstore will even deliver to a specific date for a new store opening.

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