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The Ladder Log Business Pack has everything you need to set up your ladder register, quickly, easily and cost effectively.

The Ladder Log Ladder Inspection System is designed to ensure that you comply with current legislative requirements and industry best practice with minimal fuss or cost.

The Ladder Log Business Pack contains a ‘Quick Setup Guide’, an A4 ‘Ladder register & Inspection’ summary folder with slip cover and the ladder inspection checklists and blank documents that you will need to set up your ladder register and organise your inspections.

Do I need to have a ladder register?

ladder-log-business-packThe Work at Height Regulations (WAHR) 2005 stipulate that regular inspections are conducted by a competent person for all work at height equipment. The records of formal inspections are legally required to be made available to a health and safety inspector. Storage of the records must be made in a way which is accessible but protected from interfering or being tampered with by others.

Since you must be able to identify which ladder, or piece of access equipment relates to which inspection record you need a register and a system to keep all the information organised and easily available. The Ladder Register & Inspection History folder is designed to sit on a shelf in the manager’s office or admin office. It contains your ‘Ladder Register’, a list of all the ladders that you have with some key information and space to record any future disposal details.

It also contains your ‘Ladder Inspection Summary’, a summary of all of your ladder inspections and allows you to quickly see the ‘Next Inspection’ dates and ‘Follow Up Required’ for each ladder in your ladder register. The folder also has room to store your completed ‘Ladder Inspection Checklists’ and blank stationary.

It couldn’t be simpler to ensure you are complying with the regulations. Ladder Log really makes light work of the regulations and gives me piece of mind.

Using the comprehensive ‘Ladder Inspection Checklists’ supplied the ladders are inspected according to the inspection cycle assigned and the results recorded in the ‘Ladder Inspection Summary’ and on the Ladder Log Ladder Inspection Tag using an indelible black marker.

All blank stationary, including the ‘Ladder Inspection Checklists’ and ‘Guidance for Ladder Inspectors’ can be downloaded for free. Simply visit our Ladder Log Business Packs product pages at and you will be able to access a wide range of useful documents and replacement stationary.

BUY Ladder Log Business Packs

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